Kinkify Hints

You will be looking for a pair of Handcuffs that looks like

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Hint :: I do love mesh bodies 

Hint :: The big L word 

Hint :: How Naughty will You be?

Hint :: Something New

Hint :: CAUTION women crossing the line may end up cuffed!!

Hint :: How about a cup of coffee?

7. Grumble
Hint :: If it applies to you, wear flowers in your hair.

8. Perch
Hint :: Have a seat!

Hint :: She was no saint, she was a sinner. She was the devil's advocate, in the devil's playground

10. Tiar 
Hint :: the naughty girls bedroom is where you go

Hint :: Up behind the wall you may find your gift peeking out from under something!

12. Lush
Hint :: A wonderful day at the beach

Hint :: SKIP 

Hint :: Can a Kinkify Hunt show "Elegance"?

Hint :: bad girl sit in a a corner

Hint :: Welcome to my store. 
Take your time and look around.
Stop and smell the roses.
Feel free to HANG around for a while.

17. @Waffles@
Hint :: If you are too kinky why not clean up a bit. Yes, it sucks.

Hint :: Is this gift exposed? 

19. --Mishchino--
Hint :: Mishchino's cat loves greeting people.

Hint :: Size Matters

Hint :: Yummm Pink cupcakes 

Hint :: Oops! These don't go there! 

Hint :: Seek me out where the colors are bright and bold!

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